Courier Delivery

Please note we currently do not ship chilled or frozen products via courier, if you have a frozen or chilled product in the basket, the courier option will be removed at the checkout and will ask you to remove any items that are frozen/chilled.

We do not ship to the Spanish Islands, mainland only.

We will not ship any chocolate in the Summer due to the couriers not being temperature controlled. 

Please create an account and log in before placing an order, guest checkout has been disabled.

As we have just started the courier option for mainland Spain & Portugal and to keep things a little simpler, we are only offering one size box (0.125 cubic meters) and up to 20kg (€16.99), or 2x boxes (0.250 cubic meters) up to 40kg (€33.98). If you would like to order more, please create a new separate order.

As you add products to the basket the weights and sizes of each item will be totalled up, the checkout will inform you the % of space you have used up on the first box. If you go over to two boxes the system will also inform you and show you the % you have used on the second box. Once you go over 2 boxes, the shipping option will no longer be available and you will have to reduce the size of the basket. Please bare in mind large products like cereal and multipack crisps will take up box space pretty quick.

Orders will be sent via NACEX within 1-2 days excluding weekends and holidays, and should take 24-48 hours to get to your door.

On rare occasions there may be an item showing in stock but is actually out of stock. In the event of a stock shortage on an item, the amount will be refunded back to the same card the order was placed with within 48h plus bank times which vary.

If a product has a short shelf life we will not send the product.

We package our boxes with bubble wrap inside to try and avoid any damages, if there are any damages please email [email protected]

The cost of shipping includes insurance.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]